Wehrhahn line Düsseldorf

Preparations for tunnel driving are completed
Works for the launching shaft are finished, construction of the tubbing rings is at full swing and the tunnel boring machine will arrive in Düsseldorf in November

The Wehrhahn line is a double-tracked underground urban train line with 6 underground and 2 over-ground stations. Drilling of the 3.4 km long tunnel will be done by shield tunnelling with a TBM diameter of 9.50 m.

The stations are built in cut-and-cover technique with diaphragm walls and the access ramps of the TBM’s launching and reception shaft are constructed in top-down method with diaphragm walls, partially in cut-and-cover construction.

Service ranges SSF:
Execution drawings of launching shaft south with access ramps (Bilk) and excavation pits for launching shaft (Heinrich-Heine-Allee) and reception shaft east with access ramps (Wehrhahn) for both TBM-drives including construction stages for TBM-assembly and approach as well as execution drawings for structures (cut-and-cover tunnels and ramps/ trough) in the pits.