TBM "Käthchen" reaches the Filstal valley

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There is progress on the newly built line Wendlingen-Ulm: After 8,806 meters of tunnel boring, the TBM “Käthchen” arrived around lunchtime on November 6th at the Filstal valley and saw the light of day for the first time since its launch in April 2015. At the same time, construction at the Filstal viaduct, which crosses the valley with around 485 m and connects to the tunnels at both ends, advances.

SSF-Project Filstal Viaduct


About the project: The Boßler Tunnel (8.8 km) and the Steinbühl Tunnel (4.8 km) are part of the newly built railway line Wendlingen-Ulm (project PA 2.2). The double-tube tunnels lead to the Swabian Jura, crossing White and Brown Jurassic. Potentially pressurised claystone, intensively karstic limestone and an overall ascent of 360 m indicate geological and hydrological challenges.



Client: Deutsche Bahn AG

Contractor: joint venture Tunnel Albaufstieg


Length: 4,800 m Steinbühl Tunnel; 8,806 m Boßler Tunnel 

Cross section: ~80 - 90 m²

Construction period: 2013 – 2018


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