New Project in North-Rhine Westphalia

Viaduct Ottfingen on the Sauerland motorway A45

In a tender competition, SSF Ingenieure has been awarded the design of the 235-meter-long structure replacing the old viaduct Ottfingen. 


The contract comprises basic evaluation, preliminary and draft design and preparation of tenders in the framework of project and structural engineering of two separated superstructures, each holding 3 lanes, as well as demolition planning of the existing structure. Moreover, site investigations are to be planned and tendered, boring works to be supervised and the geotechnical report to be produced. Safety and health coordination is also part of the contract during all stages of the design services. 


The bridge crosses a landscape protection area with a stream and wetland area. 


Currently, external prentensioning is undertaken at the old bridge as an emergency repair to guarantee its load-bearing capacity until coompletion of the  new replacement structure. 


Traffic has to be maintained on at least two lanes per direction during demolition as well as new construction. The demolition works are further complicated by a rainwater retention installation in the valley



Project data

  • Client: State Authority for Road Construction North-Rhine Westphalia, regional department South-Westphalia
  • Total length: 235 m
  • Hight above valley floor:   approx. 25 m
  • SSF services: project planning and structural engineering – basic evaluation, preliminary and draft design and preparation of tenders, demolition planning, geotechnical report incl. tendering and supervision of site investigation, safety and health coordination during design


Google Earth 3D View (download file)

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