Stuttgart 21

Construction at Railway Station Feuerbach

Design section 1.5 is part of the large-scale project Stuttgart 21. This section comprises the triangle between station Feuerbach, station Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt and the access to Stuttgart Central Station. Since 2014, SSF has been designing the northern connection in the area of station Feuerbach.


Tunnel Feuerbach starts at station Feuerbach and is directly linked to the new Central Station, shortening the railway line by one kilometre, which in turn leads to a reduction of two to three minutes in travel time for railway passengers.


Contracted by DB PSU (DB Projekt Stuttgart–Ulm GmbH), a new design with construction phases A – I was elaborated as this area comprises two regional train tracks and two long-distance train lines. After that, the final design was produced for the joint venture Tunnel Feuerbach.


The following main structures are built during the construction phases:

  • tunnel in cut-and-cover method
  • tunnel underneath an existing tunnel
  • trough structure
  • new passenger underpass
  • emergency access road
  • railway bridge motorway BA 1 – 3
  • platforms
  • retaining walls
  • track installations
  • drainage
  • cable engineering


Works are planned to be finished by 2021. Subsequently,BTO will continue with equipment works on the line.


In July 2019, construction phase H was completed, and the track was finally moved so that the main components tunnel, trough and railway bridge Borsigstrasse BA3 can be finished. During this construction phase the joint venture implemented the main construction services (structural works).


Photo credits:

DB Projekt Stuttgart–Ulm GmbH
Arbeiten am Bahnhof Feuerbach. Foto: Arnim Kilgus | 13.05.2019

ARGE Tunnel Feuerbach