Road bridge segments without surfacing and sealing

The pilot project Bridge Greisselbach is a new bridge concept including prefabricated carriageway segments, which are assembled without sealing or road surface.

In cooperation with the company Max Bögl and the engineering office SSF, directly drivable segments made of self-compacting concrete are prepared at the prefabrication plant in such a way that after placing them no further works are required on the construction site. An essential characteristic of the bridge is the separation of deck slab and main load-bearing system, an integral frame composed of two connected composite prefabricated girders (VFT®). On these girders, in total 12 concrete prefabricated slabs (individual length 2.66 m, width 16.05 m) are positioned and then connected by unbounded longitudinal prestress. An additional sealing or surfacing is not applied to the superstructure.


Pictures Staatliches Bauamt Regensburg