UHPC Conference in Kassel

At the occasion of this years UHPC Conference in Kassel, the first article about two running research projects in cooperation with the Institute of Concrete Structures (Prof. Fischer) at TU Munich were presented: "Structural concepts for application of UHPFRC in construction practice: sustainable precast park deck systems".

The article (conference contribution) was presented in a joint lecture by Nicholas Schramm (TUM) and Jörg Jungwirth (SSF) during the Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) Conference in Kassel. First results from the research projects on innovative bridges and park deck systems made of UHPC were explained and afterwards discussed in detail with the colleagues. This was already the 4th time the world’s biggest conference on ultra high performance concrete took place. In addition to researchers from Japan, the USA and Europe, many Chinese colleagues visited the conference this year to present a number of innovative researches as well as presentations about already implemented pilot projects. The conference provided interesting impetus to current research and, moreover, gave ideas in view of advancing existing SSF construction concepts such as the VFT technology.