SSF Ingenieure 50th anniversary on 1 July 2021

The engineering company founded in Munich in 1971, significantly influenced the built environment

  • The engineering company founded in Munich in 1971, significantly influenced the built environment
  • SSF Ingenieure AG implements large-scale projects in Germany and worldwide by designing, managing and supervising; amongst those projects are BMW World Munich, Strelasund Crossing to the Island of Rugen, gap closure U5 Berlin, underground railways in Delhi, Algiers and Doha, Munich's 2nd main regional train line, modernisation of Central Station Dresden and new construction of a railway line from Dar es Salam to Lake Victoria in Tanzania

Founded in Munich during the construction boom of the 1970s, SSF Ingenieure AG has become one of the leading German civil engineering companies. The company now looks back on 50 successful years. During this period, SSF has designed, managed and supervised countless construction projects, and thus influenced and advanced bridges, tunnels, train stations and buildings in Germany and around the world.

Driven by the motivation to design the optimum technological solution for bridges and other civil engineering structures, Victor Schmitt together with Dieter Stumpf founded Schmitt & Stumpf GbR in 1971. After Wolfgang Frühauf joined in 1988, the company was renamed to Schmitt Stumpf Frühauf und Partner GmbH preceding today's SSF Ingenieure AG. Currently, more than 300 civil engineers, architects, designers and interdisciplinary experts design intelligent and creative solutions towards efficient construction, functional structures, effective infrastructure installations and elegant buildings.

Large-scale projects in Munich, Germany and worldwide
SSF Ingenieure accompanied the creation, design and construction of countless structures and infrastructure projects, which significantly influenced the appearance of cities and everyday life of their inhabitants. The social component has always been SSF Ingenieure's mission and motivation. For example the BMW World in Munich, which has become a sightseeing magnet in Bavaria with more than two million visitors each year. Other large-scale projects include the Strelasund Crossing to the island of Rugen and the Ijssel Bridge in the Netherlands, the design of Metro Green Line in Doha, the new construction of Volkstheater in Munich or the expansion of underground U5 in Berlin.

Research on composite bridge construction: leading development for the construction industry
SSF Ingenieure was one of the first engineering companies to integrate a special department for research and development - a pioneering decision for the consulting engineers office specialising in structural engineering. In cooperation with universities, research institutes and construction companies, the civil engineering company develops new solutions for efficient bridge construction. Such as the VFT® method (prefabricated composite construction), which nowadays counts amongst SSF Ingenieure's most successful innovations. The VFT® construction method and numerous subsequent technological developments and innovations, especially in the field of composite bridge construction, make SSF Ingenieure a pioneer within the entire civil engineering industry.


On our anniversary website (German edition), founders, board members and staff recount their personal experiences at and with SSF, we show our project highlights from half a century SSF Ingenieure, and share plenty of insight and impressions from us and our partners.