Bridge over the Southern Elbe Moorburg

Design Competition

Client DEGES
Span widths 63,00 + 340,00 + 63,33 + 63,34 + 63,33 + 80 m
Total length 681,00 m
Planning period
Architect Hentschel + Oestreich Architekten
Entwurf zum Realisierungswettbewerb
As part of the newly planned highway A 26 a bridge crossing of the Southern Elbe in Hamburg in the harbor area is required. SSF participated VCE Consult ZT, Vienna and Hentschel Oestreich + Architekten, Berlin in a design competition, announced by the DEGES. The resulting design was not selected for implementation.

The competition entry traced out the highway in the Southern Elbe crossing a continuous curve. The forces resulting from the chosen geometry are opposed to an off-center and tilted pylon. It is designed as a "shifted A-pylon," one pylon leg passes the superstructure in the inside of the curve, one pylon leg pierces the median strip. The pylon is like at traditional cable-stayed bridge an overriding pressure component, horizontal components in the external balance of forces can be largely avoided. The pylon imagines his requirements.

The bridge design responds to the heterogeneous urban situation by a maximum of formal restraint. The continuously curved band of the roadway is hovering over the harbor landscape and focusing on the cautious and functionally trained pylon, which dominated solely by its height the area.