Railway bridge over Werinherstrasse

Railway bridge in Munich nears its completion


The railway bridge over the 4-lane road Werinherstrasse in Munich, Giesing, was replaced and launched into its final position last year; it now nears its completion.

The clear width of the new bridge was expanded by ten metres to create space for separated pedestrian and cyclist paths as well as a bus lane. During a road closure, the old bridge was demolished and the new bridge launched into its position. The 2-span and 3-lane frame structure with a weight of around 2,600 tonnes was moved by 22 metres and had to be lowered by around 2.5 metres once it reached its final position. The frame structure was built by Max Aicher Bau GmbH and launched and lowered by the mechanical engineering department at Max Bögl. The finishing works at the abutments took place while traffic was continued.

© Florian Schreiber Fotografie