Project start of Zhengzhou to Wanzhou PDL, Chongqing Section

While the works at Henan section of the 818 km long High Speed railway line from Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, to Wanzhou in Chongqing province have commenced in mid of 2016, since February 2017, also the works in Chongqing section have started.


Chongqing section is characterized by high mountains, deep valleys and a subtropical monsoon climate. The difficult topography leads to a 6 year construction time which is relatively long for Chinese standards. In the 184 km long section all in all 32 bridges with a total length of 10.6 km and 26 tunnels with a length of 157.7 km need to be build. PEC+S is supervising together with CRFSDI (Wuhan) the works in 56.6 km long construction section ZWCQJL3, SSF together with CREEC (Chengdu) the 27.4 km long section ZWCQJL4. For each section a construction cost of around 4.9 billion CNY (around 670 million Euro) is estimated.


Besides quality control, approval of construction design and technical acceptance, especially the supervision of safety standards will be challenging with regard to the long tunnelling sections constructed in NATM. For that, also our tunnel specialists who are working in lot 2 of Beijing to Shenyang (Hebei) railway line, a lot which is characterized by equally long and difficult tunnels which are already near completion, can support.


During an initial visit the management of PEC+S together with the resident engineers could investigate site conditions, the preparations of Chinese partner and establish a mutual understanding and friendly working environment for the cooperation in the project.