New Rhine Bridge in Düsseldorf

SSF Ingenieure designs replacement of Fleher Rhine Bridge

We are pleased to have received the contract for the replacement of Fleher Rhine Bridge in the context of the public tender, and to design in an engineering joint venture the large bridge in Düsseldorf. Fleher Bridge between Düsseldorf and Neuss crosses motorway A46 as well as pedestrian and cycle lanes on both sides of the Rhine. It is an asymmetric cable-stayed bridge with a central girder totalling a length of 1.2 kilometres. The bridge not only is a characteristic feature of the city of Düsseldorf but also holds two German records: with a maximum span width of 368 metres, it is Germany’s largest cable-stayed bridge, and its striking pylon, made of reinforced steel with a height of 146 metres, is the highest in the country.

Fleher Bridge has been opened in 1979. After Leverkusener Rhine Bridge it is the next Rhine crossing downstream and leads from the left Rhine bank right into Düsseldorf’s city centre and to the university. Due to material damages, the structure has to be replaced. One reason amongst others, is the increased lorry traffic in the last years. A renovation is economically not reasonable – so the structure will be replaced by a new bridge. In view of the replacement’s design, data is initially collected and evaluated to determine the exact location of the new structure. Construction is planned to start in 2029. Moreover, the project entails a complete renovation of motorway A46 between junctions Neuss-Uedesheim and Düsseldorf-Bilk. SSF Ingenieure together in joint venture with IHB GmbH will deliver the following services:

  • project planning of transport installations
  • basic evaluation and preliminary design
  • project planning of engineering structures
  • basic evaluation and preliminary design
  • structural engineering
  • preliminary design
  • noise control study
  • air pollution analysis
  • geotechnics

We are looking forward to interdisciplinary collaboration at this exciting structure.