Neu Projekts for PEC+S and SSF in China

Together with local partners the PEC+S and SSF were awarded the contract for monitoring various track sections of the Chinese high-speed railway construction at the beginning of 2016.

The expansion of the high-speed rail network is an important objective in China, a country where about two-thirds of passenger traffic and half of freight are carried by rail. 30,000 track kilometers are planned for 2020, currently there are 20,000 kilometers of track. Know how from abroad is required here. The PEC+S GmbH Germany and SSF Ingenieure AG have been active in China since 2004.

High-Speed Railway Line ShangHeHang PDL
The line runs from Shangqiu (Henan) via Hefei (Anhui province) up to Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province, southwest of Shanghai.
Length of the complete line: 798 km
Design speed: 350 km/h
Cost of construction: approx. 13 billion €
Construction period: 5 Years
Lot 4: DK168+719.38 - DK217+997.45; Length: 49.28 km
Lot 7: DK316+612 - DK343+255.62; Length: 43.71 km

High-Speed Railway Line ZhengWan PDL
The line runs through the provinces of Henan, Hubei and Chongqing from Zhengzhou to Wanzhou.
Length of the complete line: 818 km
Design speed: 350 km/h
Construction period: 4 Years
Lot 2: DK49+149.73 - DK89+970; Length: 40.82 km
Lot 8: DK265+420 — DK308+573; Length: 43.15 km

High-Speed Railway Line ZhengFu PDL
The line runs from Zhoukou (Henan province) to Fuyang (Anhui province) and connects the lines Wuhan - Guangzhou and Shangqiu - Hefei - Hangzhou.
Length of the complete line: 202 km
Design speed: 350 km/h
Construction period: 3 Years
Lot 1: DK11+424.11 - DK54+984.10, length: 39.96 (2-track), 7.22 (1-track)

The PEC+S / SSF project teams are operating at a total of 7 locations in China including the Chengde project, 250 km northeast of Beijing on the high-speed line Beijing - Shenyang, which has been under construction since mid-2014. The focus of the job is civil engineering, in particular bridges and tunnels. As foreign experts in a Chinese project team, it is our responsibility to continuously increase the specialized knowledge of Chinese construction management in addition to providing quality assurance. Besides daily cooperation within the framework of a combined effort, regular training related to the current construction process is also conducted. We wish the international team on site much success in their daily work, as well the cost-effective, on-schedule and high-quality management of the construction sites.