New Antonien Bridge Opened in Leipzig

On December 8, 2016, the new Antonien Bridge has been successfully opened for traffic on schedule

After almost 3 years of construction, one the largest bridge construction projects in Leipzig has been completed in high quality and on schedule, and an important road connection between the city centre and Grünau is once again available for traffic.

The inner-urban construction project comprised the extension of both sides of Antonienstrasse between Diezmannstrasse and Klingenstrasse including the Leipzig tramway line. At the heart of the project was the replacement of the Antonien Bridge over the DB AG railway line in the area of station Leipzig Plagwitz.

Main points of the projects:

  • construction of a makeshift bypass for tramway, cyclists and pedestrians as well as the lane out of town for individual traffic incl. temporary bridges over the railway line
  • demolition of the old Antonien Bridge over the railway line
  • new construction of 2 bridges (1x over the railway line, 1x over cyclist/pedestrian path)
  • new construction of retaining wall with stairs and pedestrian ramp
  • road and track construction and overhead tramway cables

Structure data:

West bridge over the 4 railway tracks at station Leipzig-Plagwitz

  • footing with prestressed concrete superstructure, single-span structure with oblique abutments - length: 33 m, clear width between abutments: 31.50 m
  • width: 24.75 m (2x pedestrian/cyclist paths, 2 lanes, tramway double-tracked)
  • smallest clear height: 5.70 m above rails


East bridge over new pedestrian/cyclist path

  • footing with reinforced concrete superstructure, single-span structure
  • length: 21.7 m, clear width between abutments: 20.77 m
  • width: 20.50 m (2x pedestrian/cyclist paths, 2 lanes, tramway double-tracked)
  • smallest clear height: 4.67 m over carriageway