Multi-Span Large Bridges

Report on a cable-stayed bridge in Mauritius; SSF Ingenieure’s contribution to the Multi-Span Large Bridges Conference in Porto, Portugal

In the framework of the conference in Porto, the project of a cable-stayed bridge over the harbour in Port Louis in Mauritius was presented. The conference, which took place for the first time, offered an international forum to present in around 140 lectures most of the current international large-scale bridge projects.

The design of the Port Louis Harbour Bridge was elaborated in the context of a competition for a large PPP transport infrastructure project. The project connects the existing road network on the north side of the port with the road network on the south side, building a bypass of the highly congested city centre. The structure crosses the harbour with a main span width of 500 m.

Special requirements from the client as well as local conditions created very particular design parameters for the Port Louis Harbour Bridge. The article describes these special requirements and presents the consequent solutions. Main characteristics are for example the design as large-scale bridge made of reinforced concrete, the integral construction method without joints and bearings, the steel components in the pylon and the bridge cross section as well as the tower restaurant.


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