General Repair of Historic Elstertal Viaduct

SSF charged with on-site construction supervision

The 68-m high and 280-m long Elstertal viaduct is a historic particularity: The protected structure is the second largest brick bridge in the world. During its construction from 1846 to 1851, 12 million bricks were used. It crosses the railway line between Leipzig and Hof, the river Weisse Elster and the railway line next to the waterway. The bridge was severely damaged during World War II but repaired during the post-war era. The last renovation was done by the German Reichsbahn of the GDR between 1959 and 1962. 

Now, 60 years later, Deutsche Bahn AG will fundamentally renew the bridge. In addition to the general repair works, the CBI Jocketa will be built which controls a new crossover with 4 switches as well as several signals.  

The general renovation starts in August this year. Respecting the historical conservation order, the track slab made of reinforced concrete will be entirely replaced, and piles and vault will be repaired. SSF has been assigned construction supervision of all trades. We wish great success for our team on site during this exciting project and are pleased to contribute to the preservation of this special bridge.