Ballast-less track of Katzenberg-Tunnel

Another constituent of the European high-speed rail network

The tunnel Katzenberg currently under construction is part of the newly built and upgraded railway line Karlsruhe – Basel destined to increase capacities and speed on the Rhine Valley Line. The two single-tracked shafts, passable at 250 km/h, connect the towns Bad Bellingen and Efringen-Kirchen. With a total length of approx. 9.4 km (chainage 245,430 to 254,815), Katzenberg will be the third-longest tunnel in Germany after its inauguration.

SSF Ingenieure was charged by the group of companies Max Bögl with final design for installation of ballast-less track ‘System Bögl’ in the Katzenberg-tunnel.

The ballast-less track will be supplemented with a track covering system in the shafts, the portals and near rescue areas. This is the first time that a type of ballast-less track is built in Germany which is passable with road vehicles. In both tunnel shafts a light mass-spring system for vibration protection is installed on a length of 500 meters.