Replacement of the Berlin Motorway Interchange "Funkturm"

Design of Engineering Structures and Coordination of Railway Matters

In the framework of the general renovation of the Berlin city motorway A100, motorway interchange ‘Funkturm’ is to be replaced and SSF Ingenieure participates at the new design. Work on the preliminary design started in April 2018 by order of DEGES (Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenplanungs- und -bau GmbH).


The inner-urban interchange ‘Funkturm’ follows the alignment of the traditional AVUS (Automobile Traffic and Training Road), the first road in the world exclusively dedicated to cars, it then continues as motorway A115 and connects to the uncompleted inner-urban Berlin beltway A100. The current state of the road requires a complete renewal while traffic is maintained. Therefore, the new construction is to be executed in a “free alignment” next to the existing facility.


Schüßler-Plan and Arcadis form an engineering joint venture under the lead of Schüßler-Plan to design the project. SSF, as sub-contractor together with Schüßler-Plan, signs responsible for designing the engineering structures and – facilitated by the new department for project management services – for coordinating railway matters. This project continues the successful cooperation between SSF Berlin and Schüßler-Plan Berlin in the context of the most significant motorway project in Berlin. The entire project is designed by Building Information Modelling, which enables the digital recording, combination and illustration of all structure data and thus guarantees an efficient design process.


The motorway interchange ‘Funkturm’, located in the Berlin quarter of Charlottenburg links motorway A15 to A100. With an average of 240,000 cars and 13,500 lorries daily, it is the most frequented interchange in Germany and the second most frequented in Europe.



3D image of motorway interchange "Funkturm" (Source: Planungsgemeinschaft Schüßler-Plan Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH & ARCADIS Germany GmbH)