A bridge is being launched

Replacement of railway bridge at Rubensstraße Bridge launching in Berlin-Schöneberg

On Tuesday October 2, 2012, launching of the new bridge replacing the railway bridge at Rubenstraße in Berlin-Schöneberg was completed.

The railway bridge holding two tracks of the regional train S1 (Wannsee - Oranienburg) crosses Rubenstraße, which was enlarged in the framework of the construction project. After remaining construction works were finished the bridge was opened to traffic on Monday October 8, 2012.

The framing structure was prefabricated next to the line (east of the regional train) in the area of the shut-down


Project brochure

Bridge data:
Client: DB Netz AG, area est
Line: 6033 Bln Anhalter Bf - Bln Wannsee
Load-bearing structure: launched double-tracked reinforced concrete frame
Span width: 19.00 m
Crossing angle: approx. 50 gon
Line closure: 28/09 – 08/10/2012 (222h – on double-tracked regional train line without night shifts)
Period of launching: 4 h net (+ 2 x 1.5 h break)
Launched weight: approx. 20000 KN
Launching path: approx. 15 m
Launching system: Komm GmbH