A new landmark is opened

By order of DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH, SSF Halle designed the erection of a 190.70 m high steel grid mast with adjoining technical cabins in Leipzig.

The mast is situated south of Leipzig at the so called Messegrund Richard-Lehmann-Straße/Zwickauer Straße. The steel grid mast has a square layout at the foot points with a side length of 25.0 m and tapers linearly to 2.00 m at a height of 150.00 m. The mast’s cross section then remains constant until a height of 170.00 m. At this level, antennas are mounted to the premade mast top. The lightning protection cage completes the mast and elevates it to its final designed height of 190.70 m above the ground. At heights above the ground of +54.00 m, +76.00 m, +98.00 m, +120.00 m, platforms are installed around the edge on the inside with a constant width of 1.20 m. At +150.00 m a full platform at the inside and at +170.00 m an outside platform with a width of 3.50 m were planned.

Our services included project planning and structural engineering as well as the technological equipment and design of outside installations.

The new technological landmark of the City of Leipzig will be put into operation on 31/05/2016.

Source of images: DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH