Digital View into the Tunnel Tube

The Interactive Model of Engelberg Base Tunnel

At the end of this year, the constructional and operational renovation of Engelberg Base Tunnel in Baden-Württemberg will begin. SSF Ingenieure, as part of an engineering joint venture, is responsible for general planning of the renovation project ordered by the Regional Council Stuttgart. The 2.5-km-long Engelberg Base Tunnel is part of motorway A81 running in north-south direction and is a main traffic thoroughfare for the Stuttgart region – 110,000 vehicles pass the tunnel daily.


In addition to general planning services, the joint venture used BIM for this project. To illustrate the renovation’s complexity early on, the design data and characteristics were rendered in a virtual model and as 3D prints of individual tunnel elements. First, the existing 2D data were converted into 3D data. At the same time the model was processed for virtual reality use: with VR glasses, the client and other project participants could see the digitally modelled tunnel tube with their own eyes. The interactive model on the SSF projects website offers a small glimpse: Link.


The project Engelberg Base Tunnel is one of several projects for which SSF Ingenieure uses virtual reality and 3D prints as trendsetting technologies in civil engineering – engineering services are demonstrated early on during a project in a unique way.