The virtual building site

When it comes to research and development, SSF Ingenieure is working on the virtual building site as planning platform for holistic visualisation of a building project. This is based on a real 3D model that contains all the data involved in planning, surveying, building materials and auxiliaries.

In the draft phase of a building project, the 3D model is used for variant studies. Dimensions can be precisely generated resulting in cost estimates exactly to demand. Use of suitable software also makes it possible to produce freeform areas so that there are no restrictions on construction.

Various different views of the model can be generated, collision tests carried out and corresponding plans derived. The model should undergo dynamic updating during the building project and provide various users with relevant data and information at every phase of the project in response to specific enquiries. For example, formwork surfaces can be opened up for process planning, or the system can take on machine control. The accurately dimensioned model acts as communication platform for everyone involved in the project. Critical processes or workflows can be simulated in advance on the virtual model to proceed later without delay on the actual site.

Throughout the entire construction period, the actually provided services are documented on site using mobile IT systems and entered in the virtual building site model. Building progresses are thus recorded and can be used to derive early countermeasures when work starts to deviate from the original planning. The result is a dynamic 4D building site information model that contains not only the geometry and progress in time but also model-related data, such as quality-relevant documents.

The virtual construction can be used as an "as-built" model for the upkeep of a building structure. This subject is also being examined by the FORBAU research project; SSF Ingenieure is an active member of this research consortium.