Concreting of the “Centrepiece” of Aicherpark Bridge

Important milestone towards completion of the bridge

Construction of Aicherpark Bridge in Rosenheim advances visibly. After the steel girder at sub-structure 2 was fully assembled at the middle of last year, recently another important milestone is taking place: since 7 am last morning, the so-called “centrepiece” is being concreted during a 24-hours shift. On an area of in total 3,300 m², previously 330 tonnes of reinforcement steel were placed. The 1,100 m³ of concrete are processed and installed through 50-metre pumps handled by 40 people during two shifts and two teams. 

The west bypass will relieve the inner city of Rosenheim from long-distance traffic on the highly frequented north-south route. Comprehensive information about SSF’s services for this project can be found here