Construction Progress at Underground Station Sendlinger Tor

Topping-out at expansion structures Sonnenstraße and Blumenstraße

Conversion and modernisation at underground station Sendlinger Tor are progressing rapidly. Last week a topping-out ceremony was held – the structures of the two crosscuts Sonnenstraße and Blumenstraße are completed. The crosscut at Sonnenstraße should be ready for operation in spring 2020. Inside the underground hub, construction works are also in full swing. In January 2020, works at the exit structures and the rearrangement of the central staircases will begin. The entire construction is planned to be finished in 2023.


The conversion and modernisation of the station, first opened in 1971, was indispensable. The capacity and safety in terms of fire protection and evacuation had to be improved by the expansion structures. A rearrangement of the staircases will help better disperse the around 150,000 daily passengers.


As the station is still operated during conversion works, the construction team works step by step through all storeys in small construction fields – this procedure only minimally hinders traffic and leaves sufficient space for emergency paths. Another challenge of the project is that the original design documents are from 1960 and digital documents are thus sparse. SSF Ingenieure together with all participants established BIM technical specifications as well as a 3 dimensional model based on analogue, partially hand-drawn plans and the digital survey; this model was developed for the as-is state, demolition, new construction and temporary constructions, and consecutively the final design was derived from this model. It serves as basis for discussions and decisions throughout the designed conversion. It is a valuable tool to ensure quality and facilitate coordination for all construction participants and supports communication between them.


For more information on the project see here: project