Aurach Viaduct Emskirchen started running

November 26nd, 2016 Aurach Viaduct started running in time.

The double-track railway overpass is located on the railway line between Nuremberg and Wuerzburg in Emskirchen and spans among other things, the eponymous middle-region of Aurach. The existing steel superstructure dating back to 1936 is now replaced with a 530 m long prestressed concrete bridge and will reduce the railway traffic noise on this highly frequented line.


Structure data:

  • Double-track semi integral solid structure with longitudinally pre-tensioned, double-girder T-beam cross-section
  • Bridge length 530 m
    with single support distances of 9 m x 50 m and 2 m x 40 m in the surrounding areas
  • Special structures were required in the foundation due to the difficult geo-technical situation. For example, the pile butts of the last pillar on the free end of the bridge were constructed in flexible pillar shafts to reduce the constraining forces.
  • Construction of the bridge structure in new track position with a total construction length of 2.2 km including two switching point trapezoids.
  • Integration into the existing line within a ten-day total line closure. The construction of the structure itself is carried out independent of railway operation.
  • Uniform assignment of all services of the HOAI in accordance with the awarding of 1st prize in the design competition.
  • Initial planning 2011, execution of construction 2013 – 2016