Construction works in Gdansk in the homestretch

Harbour crossing/Tunnel under the Dead Vistula

Overall length: 2.160 m

TBM-tunnel length: 1.073 m

Shield-diameter: 12.50 m (hydro-shield)

Tunnel by cut-and-cover method: 305 m

Trough structure: 782 m

Planning period: 2008 – 2011

Construction period: 2011 – 2015


The inner-urban Sucharski route, improving access to the harbour of the city of Gdansk, has a total length of around 8,430m and is divided into three design sections. The general scope of services of SSF Ingenieure AG, in joint venture with EUROPROJEKT Gdansk and in close cooperation with Wagner Ingenieure Munich, comprises the overall design until final design.
Lot 3 with a length of around 2,610m encompassed among others the crossing of the harbour basin of the Dead Vistula, the ‘Martwa Wisla’, by a 1,072.50m long tunnel constructed by hydro-shield with a 12.50m diameter.

Currently, the interior finishing works are executed, and are planned to be completed this year.

Article in Tunnels magazine November 2014 (English)

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04/2016 Tunnel underneath the Dead Vistula opened for traffic