A Swing Bridge in Gdansk

Opening of a new pedestrian bridge over river Motlawa

Recently, a new pedestrian bridge over River Motlawa between the old city and Granary Island in the heart of Gdansk has been opened for traffic. The footbridge is part of a comprehensive project aiming at revaluating Granary Island in Gdansk’s city centre. The project developers Immobel (Belgium) and Multibud (Poland) conducted a realisation competition for this bridge which was won by Studio Benarski Ltd. London.

The crossing ship traffic requires a swing bridge as the necessary clearance cannot be achieved with a fixed bridge. The preferred design solution was a swing bridge optimally integrating into the city’s historic landscape. Our sister office Gdansk SA designed the bridge, produced the final design, tendered and supervised construction services.

We congratulate the developer, the designers and the city of Gdansk to this successful structure. Eight years after approval, the bridge is handed over to the city of Gdansk.