Competition: Brug over de IJssel (BIJL), Hanzelijn, Netherlands; 1st Prize

The Welling-Züblin-Donges construction consortium with the architects Quist Wintermans and the engineers of SSF Ingenieure GmbH will determine the 1st prize winner in a multi-stage, interactive implementation competition between 5 entrants, each consisting of construction enterprises, architects and planners, with a preceding pre-qualification phase. Competition execution in close dialogue with the client ProRail from Utrecht as a Design-Cost-Built-Optimization-Process.

Competition focus: adapted design for flat environment / result: superstructure as steel composite trough; main span with fairway arch as flat steel trussed arch in composite construction.

Span widths 33.34 + 4x40.00 + 75.00 + 150.00 + 75.00 + 10x40.00 + 33.13 = 926.47 m.

  • competition processing 2006 by Welling-Züblin-Donges – Architects Quist Wintermans – SSF Ingenieure GmbH (SSF) and Grontmij Maunsell
  • execution planning 2007 by SSF in joint venture with ABT Netherlands
  • construction execution 2008-2012

Visualisation: Architects Quist Wintermans