U5. Closer together

Closing the gap of U5 Berlin in the press and on TV

The missing link of metro lines U5 and U55 between stations Alexanderplatz and Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) is planned as gape closing measure, connecting the existing tunnels at Berliner Rathaus (City Hall) to the existing station Brandenburger Tor. The district Berlin-Mitte will then be directly connected to the central station and the resident areas in the east part of the city.

The project comprises the new construction of three stations and a connecting double-tracked tunnel line to be built by shield tunnelling method. The line consists of the link to the existing sidings at Berliner Rathaus, station Rotes Rathaus (BRH) and the adjoining track switching system (TSS), station Museumsinsel (MUI), station Unter den Linden (UDL), the connection to station Brandenburger Tor (BRT) and line sections in-between.


SSF Ingenieure is planning this project in joint venture with ISP Ziviltechniker GmbH and Amberg Engineering AG.


Who plans what?
- station Berliner Rathaus: SSF Ingenieure, Munich / Berlin
- station Museumsinsel: ISP Vienna / Austria
- station Unter den Linden: SSF Ingenieure, Munich / Berlin
- tunnel (TBM): Amberg, Regensdorf-Watt / Switzerland



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