10 Years Taekwon-Do in the Engineering Office

The Taekwon-Do programme of SSF Group celebrates its anniversary

Three times a week, the roughly 30 members of the Taekwon-Do group train during lunch break – and have been doing so for the last ten years. The first year, the training took place once a week in the evening after work – provisionally in a meeting room. It was not even remotely imaginable what it would become. Over time the training was increased to three times a week and moved to lunch break; an emptied archive was quickly turned into a workout room. After the SSF Group moved to its current headquarters, an 86m2 training area was exclusively provided for the Taekwon-Do programme – a milestone for the group that shows that Taekwon-Do has become a part of the SSF Group.


For the anniversary on 17 February, the group under its coach Markus Bauer (3rd dan) has combined a colourful programme: everybody who was interested could join a try-out lead by the SSF Group’s red belts. A workshop for traditional Taekwondo was held for the active members of our Munich group, conducted by the grandmaster Claus Bernet (5th dan). After that the group Munich and dan holders of the Taekwon-Do school Bernet showed their skills during a presentation in front of colleagues from the SSF Group. The evening ended with a pleasant gathering over snacks and drinks.


We are happy that Taekwon-Do has been a part of the SSF Group for ten years and congratulate everybody on their persistence.


Ten years of Taekwon-Do in numbers:


  • 1,304 trainings
  • 11,285 participants
  • 152 different people
  • 172 exams
  • 5 black belts
  • multiple German championship titles in all disciplines and various belt colours