Passarela over Marginal Pinheiros / Avenida das Nações Unidas, São Paulo

A bridge built by prefabricated composite girders (VFT) method developed by SSF

The bridge crosses the 5-lane Avenida das Nacoes Unidas and the double-tracked, electrified metro line CPTM. The modern bicycle bridge connects Parque do Povo to the new bicycle lane along Rio Pinheiros. On both sides of the crossing up to 80m long and 8m high ramps are required for this connection.

Road and metro are elegantly spanned by a slender, haunched prefabricated composite superstructure with span widths of 23.50m and almost 48m.

The VFT girders, single-cell, tightly welded hollow boxes with composite slab, are connected fully integral to both abutment bastions and to the intermediate supports.

The ramps are filigree reinforced concrete structures of great slenderness and are also fully integral.

Pictures from the prefabrication plant, from transport and the laying of the VFT girders