BW 67-1, a Unique Structure on the Motorway A73

This civil engineering structure is the first integral pipe-truss road bridge with completely welded pipe joints ever to be built in Germany.

One of the special features during the planning phase was the analytical assessment of the fatigue strength of the deployed thick-walled pipe cross sections (maximum: 813 mm x 50 mm) / joints. For this assessment, test bench experiments were performed in order to verify the static-dynamic/structural calculations.
The result of the planning process and of the construction execution of this type of construction confirmed that this is a robust, economical and very attractive type of construction that has already been executed many times in other European countries.   

On 8 April, the first of five steel parts was suspended in position and, by the middle of May, the welding work will have been completed.

We, the engineers at the SSF company, are proud to have contributed to the implementation of this type of construction in Germany. In this connection, we would like to thank the North Bavaria Motorway Administration as an open-minded, innovative client, including the Supreme Building Authority in the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, and the inspection engineer Prof. Dr. Mangerig for their excellent cooperation.

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